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Some people do not like norwegian tv-show Newton. It is a science show for kids around 8-12 years old. Why do they not like it? Because they made an 8 part series about our bodies and sex (can be seen on youtube with english subtitles).

They started a facebook page to try to make NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Station) to take these episodes off the web, cause children can see it there. As we all know, if you can get rid off this filth from the web, it will be ok for children to go there looking for info.

Someone of course started a facebook page in support for NRK/Newton. And as of right now the Anti-sex info page have 1470 likes, and the Pro-sex info page have 2496 likes. I do belive there are more people in Norway that are pro this kind of programming on tv, and that is good. We do not want to go down the same path as other places where you can`t talk about bodies and sex on tv and school. And this should start when kids are fairly young, so they have that info when they need it.


Private Prisons



WTF. Do some people just sit around and look to the USA to find the most shitty things they have, and then suggest that is the way for us to go forward. I really don’t need to find out that our political right is following in the steps of the American right.

Reza Aslan on The Daily Show


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So Reza Aslan was on The Daily Show talking about where religious people get their ideas from. I guess I can agree with him to an extent, but there is an inherent power in religious texts.

It is true that people take their values with them when reading religious texts, and interpret them in a way that coincide with that. But I think there are people who would have one stance on a subject, but may be swayed by their preacher to have another stance. And all of this happens on the power one sees someone has, and the bible is a part of that power structure. Apparently these different religious books are important to people, they think the books tells us something about this world we live in.

Take the gay marriage thing for instance. If these books didn`t say what they say, I don’t think this would be such a hard issue to get done with today. Just get it done with already, gay people marrying each other has no bearing on your fucking life in any way whatsoever.

So if these books can`t help us with these things (like ethics), and it`s just the baggage you already have with you that make up your mind on the issues. Then what good are these books/religions for?

And if someone tries to tell you that their “holy” book is so awesome and important, tell them to cordially go fuck themselves.

Cool sister.


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So we have this guy in Norway, who says he can cure people of different diseases and problems by laying a hand on them. His name is Joralf Gjerstad, better known as “Snåsamannen”.

He is probably the most famous “healer” in Norway today, so a tv channel made a documentary on him. The journalist in the documentary, apparently did not ask any critical questions, until they went and visited Joralf`s older sister Ingeborg Gaundal. She said she does not believe her brother (or anyone) can just touch someone and make them better. It`s all nonsense, she said.

I think i like his sister.

Link to newspaper Dagbladet (in Norwegian)

So what is gonna happen here?

I have no idea? I guess I will just write about anything that I find interesting and/or annoying. From music/movies/TV/books to religion/politics/social issues. It`s also fun to read about weird things in other cultures that differs from my own. I come from Norway, a dude in his thirties. I`m writing in my second language here, and I`m not even that good at writing in my first, so we will see how this will end.

I guess that will be all for now.

Take care.

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