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So Reza Aslan was on The Daily Show talking about where religious people get their ideas from. I guess I can agree with him to an extent, but there is an inherent power in religious texts.

It is true that people take their values with them when reading religious texts, and interpret them in a way that coincide with that. But I think there are people who would have one stance on a subject, but may be swayed by their preacher to have another stance. And all of this happens on the power one sees someone has, and the bible is a part of that power structure. Apparently these different religious books are important to people, they think the books tells us something about this world we live in.

Take the gay marriage thing for instance. If these books didn`t say what they say, I don’t think this would be such a hard issue to get done with today. Just get it done with already, gay people marrying each other has no bearing on your fucking life in any way whatsoever.

So if these books can`t help us with these things (like ethics), and it`s just the baggage you already have with you that make up your mind on the issues. Then what good are these books/religions for?

And if someone tries to tell you that their “holy” book is so awesome and important, tell them to cordially go fuck themselves.