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Some people do not like norwegian tv-show Newton. It is a science show for kids around 8-12 years old. Why do they not like it? Because they made an 8 part series about our bodies and sex (can be seen on youtube with english subtitles).

They started a facebook page to try to make NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Station) to take these episodes off the web, cause children can see it there. As we all know, if you can get rid off this filth from the web, it will be ok for children to go there looking for info.

Someone of course started a facebook page in support for NRK/Newton. And as of right now the Anti-sex info page have 1470 likes, and the Pro-sex info page have 2496 likes. I do belive there are more people in Norway that are pro this kind of programming on tv, and that is good. We do not want to go down the same path as other places where you can`t talk about bodies and sex on tv and school. And this should start when kids are fairly young, so they have that info when they need it.